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Reusable Isolation Gowns

Reusable Isolation Gowns


  • Isolation gowns serve a critical role in infection control by protecting health care personnel, visitors and patients from
    the transfer of micro organisms and body fluids.
  • Disposable / Single use isolation gowns are commonly used for protection against contaminants. However Environmental sustainability is increasingly being implemented in the decision making process and the use of reusable isolation gowns with a successful personal protection barrier is growing in todays demanding healthcare environment.
  • At a healthcare facility, compared to the disposable gown system, the reusable gown system showed a 28% reduction in energy consumption, a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 41% reduction in the blue water consumption and a 93% reduction in solid waste generation.
  • Making Isolation gowns, designs, materials and manufacturing methods are carefully selected to maximize consumers safety with performance protocol and comfort.
  • Commitment to quality ensures reusable gowns with fluid repellent barrier meet the standards set by AMMI for Level 1.

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