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Face Shields

Face Shields


Medical • Retail • Hospitality • Commercial • Restaurants

  • Baseball Cap Inspired, single piece multi-application Face Shield
  • FDA approved PET material, scratch resistant, reusable, sanitizable and recyclable.
  • Full Shield covers from top of forehead to below chin and from ear to ear.
  • Customizable printing available.
  • Versatile 3 in 1 design makes it adjustable to fit all head sizes

Protect Your Employees & Protect Your Customers

• FDA Approved Material • Scratch Resistant • Reusable • Sanitizable • Recyclable

Why Use Face Shields

  • Protect a larger portion of the face
  • Less retained facial heat
  • Less fogging than goggles
  • Less claustrophobic
  • No impact on breathing resistance
  • No fit testing required
  • Can be disinfected easily
  • Wearers do not need to be clean shaven
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • No impact on vocalization
  • Can be worn concurrent to other face / eye PPE
  • Do not impede facial nonverbal communication
  • Reduced patient anxiety
  • Protects against touching your face
  • May extend the useful life of a protective facemask when used concurrently

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